Jungian Tarot

After an 18 month program with a Jungian analyst out of Chicago, I have become a Certified Jungian Tarot reader.  It has been a very rich and satisfying experience and I am excited to include it in my repetoir.  

I  find it to be a very expedient way to get information from the unconscious on what is going on around a particular question or situation.   It provides insights that may have been lurking below the surface and it highlights information in ways that are both accessible and important. These insights often result in transformation changes when fully conscious.  

It calls on the synchronicity of the moment, and the sincerity of the participants seeking insight into some arena that has been challenging.  You have probably seen or heard of the  Rorschach test pictures where you share what it reminds you of, or pictures where you talk about the story it tells.  Tarot is a bit like this.  They are images,  full of archetypal symbols, and they tell a story.  In a reading we are looking for insight through the images presented.  They often trigger distant memories or associations that are helpful in understanding a particular situation, and making something fully conscious.   

If you are interested in learning more about this insightful resource, please contact me through the page on your left.  

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