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I'm interested in your unique inner world of thoughts and emotions, and your outer world as is influences what is happening in your day to day life.   My approach provides support, practical feedback, skills building, dreamwork, and mindfulness development to help you effectively address the challenges you are facing.  I also encourage relevant work between sessions, and engaging in activities that support you. 

I have recently been certified as a Jungian Tarot Reader which has been a rich experience for me.  I find that this can provide insight in a very deep way.  It  brings things fully into consciousness which have been lurking in the wings, and can show a path forward and more fully show the obstacles.  

Together we will work to build on your strengths and understandings so that you can ultimately have greater vitality, and experience the personal healing and growth you are working to accomplish.  I am an interactive,  therapist with a psychodynamic perspective, specifically Jungian.  But I also  blend in cognitive behavioral  and emotionally focused  as needed.

I am  a dual licensed psychotherapist with 30 years of experience, specializing in work with individuals and couples. My clients are between 15 and 92, and all demographics are welcome.  I also work remotely via Zoom.

As a graduate of UC Berkeley, UCLA, Pepperdine and Antioch Universities with Credentials and Master's level degrees in Education and Clinical Psychology, I have a wealth of training and life experience which I continue to expand every year.    I specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, crisis management and Jungian dreamwork, and now, Jungian tarot .   

When I'm not working I love traveling, being in nature, yoga, painting and reading.  I enjoy  new experiences, and I am always taking classes to expand my Jungian focus.  I am fascinated with how our unconscious reveals itself through dreams, synchronicities and tarot and am in an ongoing dream group that is going on 8 years.  I have also just finished an 18 month program on Jungian tarot. 

 I love being with my family and friends and deepening those relationships.  It all makes for a richer more satisfying life, and it helps me confront and deal with challenges as they occur.   These life experiences also help develop my clinical skills and inform my work with clients.


UC Berkeley - BA Social Sciences
UCLA - Life Credential in Elementary Education
Pepperdine - MA Education and Life Administrative Credential
Antioch University - MA Clinical Psychology
Alliant International University - Post Graduate Work in Career Counseling and Research and Evaluation


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Jungian Tarot

Current Continuing Education:

Classes and Study Groups in Jungian perspectives, dream work,  tarot, mindfulness and yoga, as well as treatments for depression and anxiety.  

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