Between Sessions

Here are some things you can do between sessions.  Start with one and notice your experience.  Let me know what it was like for you.

  • MINDFULNESS - Nonjudmental Awareness that allows you to become more conscious and wise about who you are, your unique styles, and personal dynamics.  This can create transformative insights that have been lurking below the surface.   It can also be used as a more formal meditation practice with it's multitude of benefits for your mind and body.

  • JOURNALING - Try stream of consciousness journaling.  Just write whatever words are in your head.  You can write the same thing over and over, or ramble all over.  Don't reread it as thiscan put it back in.  This style is primarily for the busy mind to have a place to put thoughts instead of  recycling them in your mind. You can keep them in a journal, shread them, burn them or anything you want.

  • WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS - Put paper and pencil by your bedside.  Write down your dream.  Bring it to session. You may even want to create a dream journal. Dreams can provide interesting clues that might otherwise be missed.

  • SPEND TIME IN NATURE - Nature is so healing and it's free.  We live in a beautiful area.  Go visiting.

  • TRY SOMETHING NEW - It can be a new thought, a new food, a new activity.  Anything.

  • BE A NEUTRAL OBSERVER OF YOURSELF - Try to quiet the inner critic and just notice rather than judge.  Cultivate a response that says "That's interesting".

  • MOVE - Yoga, Tai Chi, Running, Walking, Swimming, Aerobics, Dance, whatever appeals to you .  It is important that it's something you enjoy or it's very unlikely you'll do it.

  • EXPRESS - Whether it's a form of painting, collage, music making, dance, jewelry making, writing, express yourself in some old favorite way or something brand new.  This isn't for someone else.  It's just for you.

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